HTC Connect, Powered by Blackfire, in New HTC U11 Smartphone

HTC Connect, Powered by Blackfire, in New HTC U11 Smartphone


HTC Connect, powered by Blackfire, is shipping in the latest HTC smartphones, including the HTC Bolt, the HTC U Ultra, and the HTC U11. Today, we’ll take a closer look at the HTC U11, the newest smartphone on the HTC roster, and the first smartphone with “hands-free” Amazon Alexa built-in.


So how does “hands-free” Alexa work on the HTC U11? The same way an Alexa voice-activated speaker, like an Echo or Dot, does: simply set your phone’s microphone to the “Always-On” setting, and voila! You’ve got Alexa in your pocket! Just like an Amazon voice control speaker you may have at home, there’s no need to press any buttons to wake it up. Just say “Alexa,” and and she will respond. You can have her look up today’s weather, or even turn your house lights on – whatever your home Alexa can do, your HTC U11 Alexa can do it too.


As mentioned, the HTC U11 features HTC Connect, powered by Blackfire, which can stream any local or web-based music or video via Wifi from an HTC smartphone to any Blackfire powered stereo device or entertainment system – no matter the brand – by swiping up the home screen with three fingers. With HTC Connect, you can create a wireless 5.1 surround sound system or stream different music to multiple speakers at the same time. (Check out this easy guide to help you wirelessly stream music from your HTC U11 smartphone to Blackfire compliant speakers.) Setting up a wireless home entertainment system has never been easier.


The HTC U11 comes in sapphire, Silver, Black, and Red. Get yours here.

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