Powered by Blackfire: the HTC U11 Life and the HTC U11+

Powered by Blackfire: the HTC U11 Life and the HTC U11+


This past year, consumer electronics company, HTC, began shipping the HTC Bolt, the HTC U Ultra, and the HTC U11 smartphones with built-in HTC Connect powered by Blackfire’s wireless multi room technology. Now, HTC has added two more smartphones to the mix: the HTC U11 Life and the HTC U11+, both with HTC Connect, powered by Blackfire.


The HTC U11 Life is a more compact, less expensive version of the company’s widely popular HTC U11 smartphone, while the HTC U11+ is a larger, updated version of it with higher-end finishes, a 6-inch screen, and bigger battery. The U11+ is one of the first smartphones to ship with the Android 8.0 Oreo operating system out of the box, while the U11 Life runs on the Android Nougat with HTC Sense in the US. Both phones feature the Edge Sense, which was first introduced in the HTC U11, allowing users to trigger an action, such as summoning Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, by squeezing the sides of the phone. Neither the U11 Life nor the U11+ have a headphone jack (RIP), which seems to be the trend on most smartphones nowadays. But HTC is giving audio quality a huge boost on the U11+, with 30% more volume than the flagship U11, better dynamic range and less distortion.


And of course, both the HTC U11 Life and the U11+ both feature HTC Connect, powered by Blackfire, which can stream any local or web-based music or video via Wifi from an HTC smartphone to any Blackfire powered stereo device, wireless multi room speakers, or entertainment system by swiping up the home screen with three fingers. With HTC Connect, users can create a wireless 5.1 surround sound system or stream different music to multiple speakers at the same time. (Check out this easy guide to help you wirelessly stream music from an HTC U11 smartphone to Blackfire compliant speakers.) Setting up your wireless home entertainment system has never been easier.

The HTC U11 Life is available in the US and can be purchased here.

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